How To Increase Penile Size Fast – 3 Natural And Simple Ways

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How To Increase Penile Size Fast – 3 Natural And Simple Ways


Are you one of the many men who crave a bigger penis? Lots of men believe that having a large, above average penis is the sure way to please women better and keep them more satisfied. A larger penis makes some men feel more confident and powerful compared to men with a smaller manhood.

Here are 3 ways on how to increase penile size fast and get your desired penis size, and all are completely safe and natural.


#1 Jelqing Exercise

This is an exercise that has been used in ancient Arabic times by men to give them added inches to their penis. It is best to measure your penis before you undertake jelqing so you can take note of your progress. Before undertaking jelq exercises you should wrap a hot towel round the penis and use a lubricant to massage your penis.

With thumb and forefinger grip your penis and start a milking like motion on your, penis pulling it from the head to the base. It’s important to have your penis semi-erect during jelqing.

It is best to start with about 100 strokes per day for the first week then increase gradually week by week reaching several hundred strokes a day by month three and beyond.

how to increase penile size fast


#2 The Penis Enlargement Patch

This method is said to be a revolutionary breakthrough in penis enlargement by many leading doctors. The patch delivers the necessary ingredients for penis enlargement through the skin without use of needles, and so it is considered really safe and natural. This dermal technology is a simple an effective way of delivering the right nutrients to your body to increase penis size. The key advantage to using the patch is that the medicine is absorbed directly into your blood stream thus it bypasses your digestive system so the patch can start working immediately.


#3 Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills

There are a fair few available on the market so it’s vital that you choose a reputable company and a company that is selling at the top end of the market. When looking at the herbal pill there are special ingredients that you must look out for. These ingredients are important in helping your penis gain inches in width and length. Here is a brief list and what you can expect from those ingredients:

Epimedium Sagitum Extract – A wonder herb commonly known as horny goat weed. Leading Chinese doctors recommend this herb for increase in libido and significant enhancement in erections.

Gingko Biloba – This herbs history for increasing blood flow to the penis can be tracked back thousands of years. Gingko supports the nervous system and gives better and increased blood flow around the body. You may find after taking this herb that your erection is longer and harder.

Ginseng – This herb boosts energy levels and you should feel really charged up and find that you last longer during sexual intercourse. Ginseng is said to stimulate your sex glands and promote nerve tissue growth.


What To Avoid In Order To Increase Penis Size Fast…

1. JUST increasing blood flow…

Many men are under the impression that all they need to do in order to get a massive penis size is just increase their blood circulation. This misconception is very prevalent given that the most popular method (enhancement pills) is based around increasing blood flow… and that’s it.

The reason it’s best to avoid methods based SOLELY on increasing blood flow is so simple to understand that I’m not even going to insult your intelligence trying to fully explain it. But basically, it takes more than JUST increasing blood circulation in order to grow bigger. Your penile chambers, penile ligament, and PC muscle must all be enhanced as well in order to change your endowment.

2. Falling for gimmicks…

What’s even worst than doing a method based on just one aspect of enlargement (such as the above) is falling for just ridiculous gimmicks. Prime examples: Patches and creams!

3. Choosing an effective method… but… not staying dedicated to it…

To grow bigger as fast as possible, you of course have to choose the right type of enlargement method. But, there is a caveat: And that caveat is that you MUST stay consistent with it.

An effective method will always be a natural method. And with a natural method, consistency is the only way you’ll ever get results… and get them as quickly as possible.



Bottom line, the essence of fast male enhancement is going with a natural method that is complete, safe, and guaranteed effective. All you need to do to ensure you get the best results possible, and as quick as possible, is to stick with it.

Penis exercises are simple, effective, and scientifically proven routines that can change all aspects of your manhood. This means increasing your length, making your manhood thicker, making your erections harder, making your flaccid size bigger, making you last longer in bed, making your ejaculation more powerful, and even improving the health of your manhood as well. To top that off, the routines only take about 6 minutes to do and the results you gain last forever.

While the final decision is up to the individual, a good penis enlargement pill is one of the easiest, and most effective methods on how to increase penile size fast. With the right ingredients you can gain inches in just a matter of months, and all gains are permanent.


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